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Read the Holy Bible as your computer reads the Holy Scriptures aloud
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You may have had a bit of difficulty reading the Holy Bible on your own. It can be an arduous and frustrating endeavor. Now you can relax and follow the words as your computer reads them to you aloud. The text scrolls on the screen, in an easy to read font, set against a beautiful background image. Select your favorite reading voice and adjust the scroll speed. Study the Old Testament and the New Testament at your leisure. Learn about Divine Creation in Genesis, the Laws, the Covenants, the Prophecies, and how man has been tempted and corruptible from the beginning. From Adam and Eve, in the Old Testament, to Jesus Christ, His teachings, His healings, His parables and His crucifixion and resurrection, and Revelations in the New Testament, a great illumination is just a mouse-click away. The complete text of the King James Version is embedded within a single executable file. Select Book, Chapter, and Verse, and enjoy. (1.92 mByte download-approx. 10 seconds via cable-modem)

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 Click here to download POOLMASTER® Version 2006 now!            POOLMASTER® 2006 is the latest version available            (and It's Free To Try).
POOLMASTER® supports the following platforms: Win3.xx, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Enterprise x64, Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Windows7 x86,Windows7 x64
file size: 2924KB
POOLMASTER® gets 5 Star RatingPOOLMASTER® gets 5 Star RatingPOOLMASTER® gets 5 Star RatingPOOLMASTER® gets 5 Star RatingPOOLMASTER® gets 5 Star Rating
POOLMASTER gets five star rating from Ziff-Davis ZD-Net
(see below)

"POOLMASTER is about as real as billiards gets without having a table... ...You can do anything that's possible with a real pool cue, all with the click of a mouse... ...Balls carom around like the real thing, and even make a satisfying "click" as they bounce off one another... ...I've spent literally hours with POOLMASTER. Who knows? It might even improve my real-life game... Paul Newman, watch out."
(Excerpts from Computer Currents Magazine)
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"Shoot pool like the real thing...  The shooting mechanism is one of the best we've seen in a pool game, both intuitive and accurate...  Ball physics are good, too...  The sound effects are very true-to-life, with harder hits producing louder sounds...  We've seen a fair amount of pool games, and Poolmaster ranks with the best and most fun..."

(Excerpts from ZD-Net (Ziff-Davis Publishing) Software Library Review)

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POOLMASTER® Version 2.006 is HERE
This website always guarantees the latest version of POOLMASTER®
POOLMASTER® Version 2.006 tm offers all of the great features and action found in POOLMASTER® version 1.xx series plus more: 32 bit processing (Win95-OSR2/98/ME/XP/03 - WinNT4(SP4+)/WinNT5(2000) compliant) and Enhanced controls and Sound Effects. 3-D Balls and Table.  Your choice of Game Play:
 8Ball, 9Ball, Rotation, Straight Pool, and Billiards.
 Play against the computer, or another player.
POOLMASTER® Version 2.006 from Micro Amusement Corporation.
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file size: 2924KB

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NEW! Child Skill Development Series from Micro Amusement
Click here to download ABC4KIDS now! (It's FREE)                Learn to identify alpha-numerics, keystrokes, sounds           and more.

Click the ABC4KIDS button (above) to download ABC4KIDS now! (It's FREE) Learn to identify alpha-numerics, keystrokes, sounds and more.

Click here to PLAY CHESSterTM
CHESSter is Online CHESS at it's finest.
No Login. No ActiveX Controls, Cookies, Spyware, web bugs, Trojan Horses, or Viruses.
Play your friends through this portal. Even play multiple games simultaneously. Chess aficionados will love this one.

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