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Poolmaster 9-Ball for Windows 12-29-98
Micro Amusement Corporation

Poolmaster 9-Ball is a pool simulation game that boasts user-friendly shooting controls, realistic sound effects, and several game types. The shooting mechanism is one of the best we've seen in a pool game, both intuitive and accurate. Ball physics are good, too: The ball caroms and spins after impact just like the real thing (however, we would have liked to have seen it roll farther after contact). The sound effects are very true-to-life, with harder hits producing louder sounds. You can even add English (cue spin) to your shots (but if you do, beware of miscuing, or, hitting inaccurate shots). ¹Also, be careful not to scratch -- it will end your game and you'll have to rack 'em up all over again. Other features include instant replay of any shot, and undo, which lets you erase your most recent shot. We've seen a fair number of pool games, and Poolmaster 9-Ball ranks with the best and most fun. Registration adds three games: eight ball, rotation, and billiards.
Reviewed on Dec 29 1998.

¹A note from Micro Amusement to the Editor: 
Thank you for your fantastic review of POOLMASTER.  We take great pride in POOLMASTER being the only POOL Game rated by Ziff-Davis with five stars.
By the way, POOLMASTER does allow players to spot the cue, after scratching, simply by pointing the cursor to a legal area on the table and right clicking the mouse.  This feature is fully documented in the POOLMASTER Help facility. I am guilty of the same thing.  In the excitement of getting into new software, I have overlooked many helpful nuances, only to be surprised at a later date.
Thanks again,
John T. Kiapos, President
Micro Amusement Corporation

System Requirements
Windows 3.11

Purchase Information
Shareware: Free to try, $39.50 if you decide to keep it.

5 stars

Version Number

Compressed Size
2,138,111 bytes

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